Athens Summer Music Extravaganza: Saturday Night
(aka the Wolfie Dance Party)
Six Cents and Natalie, the Masters of the Hemisphere, The Minders, Junior Varsity, Wolfie, Of Montreal and Neutral Milk Hotel. All writing and photographs by Jeffrey Howard.

Joe!!!I am an admitted Wolfie fanatic. If there was one band I *had* to see Wolfie was it. Ask any of my friends, for the past three months or so I have been nothing but "Wolfie this Wolfie that" all day and night nonstop. I'm positive I was really annoying about it. Needless to say I was looking forward to seeing them. I'd travel to see them popfest or not. I brought balloons and passed them around to people before their show if that wasn't me being dorky enough.

Wolfie was, by far, my highlight of the whole Extravaganza. RJ, Amanda, Mike and Joe have captured the spirit, energy and youthfulness of what indiepop is. Put your notepads away, time to boogie down! They played all the hits RJ!!!(aren't they all?) from "I Gotta, U Gotta," "Mockhouse," "I Know I Know I Know," a mind blowing "Yeah Yeah You," only slowing down once for their sweet slow song "Life Saver Socks." Between songs they seemed quiet and shy but when they were rocking, they did not hold back. Joe (aka the tambourine shaking machine) spent most of the time in mid air, jumping from one side to the stage to the other. Mike had some good moves too.

They were everything I anticipated and more. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen.





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