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January 2016

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February 2015

blood stereoI am proud to announce that the new Hot Hands album "Blood Stereo" is officially released. It's available on CD, cassette & download. We're pretty excited how it came out. The CD comes in oversized packaging, the size of a 7" single with a full color booklet of our artwork. It's pretty rad. The cassette version is a special double album of "Blood Stereo" as well as our first CD "Everything We Have Is Broken" on the flip side. Order from Bandcamp or Etsy.



October 2014

Kristin and I have had a lot of fun on our Hot Hands: Lost in America Tour. We spent about seven months on the road playing our music from Florida to Oregon and just about everywhere in between. It was super fun but super rough as well. In simple terms we ran out of money. It is a lot of work for a band to do a lot of touring DIY-style with just two people running everything. We ended up staying in Murphy, North Carolina which is out of the way of everywhere as we are refocusing on our next move. When we get settled somewhere I'll begin working on a Kick Bright Scrapbook to be released in 2016, the 20th anniversary of Kick Bright. I am excited about this project!

The new Hot Hands album "Blood Stereo" should be out very, very soon! We can't wait to share it with you. Our Indiegogo pre-orders will be shipped out before it is officially available and come with some cool extra stuff. It would have been impossible to get this released without that Indiegogo help.

You can still keep up with us following the links from the last post. I added an Instagram of random camera phone pictures which kinda replaces the gallery I have here.

As you know we are in the button manufacturing business and we have expanded our services. In addition to 1" buttons we now offer custom 1.5" buttons. Visit our Facebook page for examples/pricing for custom buttons. Also visit the Kick Bright Zine Shop on Etsy to see what specials we are selling.

I made a page of my Record AlbumCover Art. I cut up record covers and assemble them back together to make something new. Some are available for purchase!


February 2014

The Year is 2014. Kick Bright for the time being is being moved offline as we know it to just print zines. However, there are several other projects I am working on with Kristin you should take note of.

First off, our band Hot Hands started an extented tour back on Halloween 2013. We're in month four at this point. It's been a crazy ride so far! We've been to a million places from Florida to Wisconsin. We're heading West to California in February and March. Check out our Webpage to see what we our current dates are. If you can help with shows wherever you live don't hesitate to write us ( ------ Hot Hands Webpage.

We are keeping a Tumblr Blog of our adventures on this tour. Lots of photos, videos and stories are being posted there daily. It's called Hot Hands: Lost In America.

We make fun, totally unscripted travel adventures on our Hot Hands YouTube Channel. We visit abandoned places, movie locations and weird roadside attractions. They're pretty addictive.

In addition to all of that we have a side blog called Jeffrey and Kristin Watching Bands. It's an evergrowing collection of photos taken all over the country of the two of us enjoying music from all sorts of bands and musicians.






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