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Rock Fight
Florida's Dying Second Annual Rock Fight 2006.

At Back Booth. Orlando, FL. Friday December 8, 2006.

"Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to Rock Fight?" -- Sam, the host.

The rules for Rock Fight:
1. No pre-existing bands.
2. You must play three songs.
3. No songs exceed two minutes.
4. No more than one cover.
A panel of celebrity judges give their judgments/berratements American Idol style to declare a winner.

This show was INSANE. By the end of Florida's Dying 2nd Annual Rock Fight Back Booth was destroyed as you can see by the above photograph. According to the poster about 15 (fake) bands were signed up. I have no idea how many actually played. Names like Melt Face, Rabbit Troop, Penis Poachers, Bobo and the Shoelaces, Last Semester and Hot Hands (yes, this was Hot Hands first show ever) littered the night with sonic sounds of varying degrees of sonics and, um, practice. Or lack thereof. It was hosted by Sam from New Mexican Disaster Squad. He was great. I don't have photos (or audio) from all the bands but the remaining documents are below.

Rabbit Troop

This is a terrible picture of the winners of Rock Fight, Rabbit Troop. They were huffy and gruffy and their cover song was a Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys song. Listen to them here.

Bitch Hips

Bitch Hips. You can read more about them here. Or just listen. Their songs are really catchy.

Guitar Hero

One guys "band" was him dressing up all shiny and playing Guitar Hero.
Yes, that was it! They said it was set on expert level?????? Do you really want to listen to this????

Penis Poachers

Penis Poachers obviously showed no respect to the rules of Rock Fight. They just made noise until they made them stop playing. Listen to them here.

Like I said this was the first show for Hot Hands, the only band to go on to become a "real" band. Listen to their set here. The best part of the audio is the explanation of what Hot Hands means. AND the heckler kills me everytime I listen to this!

Another band that went on to play a couple more shows were Melt Face. They had a Myspace but I couldn't find it. Their audio is here.

Richie and the Flatfoots

Richie and the Flatfoots were Jeanie on drums, Rich on guitar and Erik Grincewicz on bass. Listen to them here.


I don't remember this bands name. Was this Underground Railroad? Look at those beer soaked pants!

Bobo Shoelaces

Bobo Shoelaces were definitely a rukus causing band. An all-star band with members of Fashion Fashion fronted by Alice, her first band since Fat Girl on a Trampoline. Merry fucking Christmas!

Bobo Shoelaces

Bobo Shoelaces. Look at that trash. It's INCHES high!

I don't remember what the last band was but it sounded like this. In that audio is also the final judgment and winner announcements.


For all the audio on one page go here.


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