Kick Bright Zine Show Report.
Mineral, The Get Up Kids and Jejune
Saturday September 13, 1997
Knights of Columbus Hall - Orlando, FL

Review, photos and video by Jeffrey Howard.
Review September 1997.
Photos were rescanned March 2012.
Entire live show added January 2019.

Mineral video capture.

It was Minerals break-up tour. Everyone knew it. It was the last chance to catch them. Tons of south Florida kids trekked to Orlando as it was as far south as the tour went. The concert hall was pretty much full by the time Mineral came on and they converged on all sides to get as close as they could. Mineral played an inspiring 30 minute set, only stopping because the club had to be vacated by midnight.

I was impressed by the first band Jejune (There were other bands but I was late). I was quite jawdropped how good they were. Their dynamic in the music were simply amazing. I got a 7" and CD from them and I consantly have been listening to them ever since.

I really didn't like the Getup Kids to well. I never heard them until this show so I didn't know what to expect. I know a lot of people like them but I didn't see what the big deal was. Maybe I was being impatient because I was anticipating Minerals performance.

Here's a video from Mineral with their song "Parking Lot". I filmed the whole show. When I have the hardware to properly convert the show I will post it here. The audio/picture is way better than the digital camera capture I have here.

[2019] As promised here is the entire live show from Mineral:


More photographs:


Arabella Harrison from Jejune.


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