Who: Jimmy Eat World, At The Drive In, The Shelia Divine. Where: Sapphire Supper Club - Orlando, FL. When: Monday March 8, 1999.

The Shelia Divine boys are cute and the three of them all wear glasses. Their show was all right but the deep "gothic" vocals over indie rock was a weird combination. I couldn't quite get into them.

At the Drive In were great. The sound over the PA was excellent, maybe the best sounding show ever I've
witnessed at Sapphire. *Everything* sounded perfect other than the two background mics could have been louder. I liked their energy and the interplay between the three vocalists.

Jimmy Eat World were a little disappointing. I've seen them three times and they lacked the intensity I've seen before. Or maybe seeing any band after At the Drive In would have been a little stale. They started out with "What I Would Say To You Now." Man, I *love* that song. Later in the set they did "Lucky Denver Mint." It's been my favorite song for the past month and a half. I listen
to daily - multiple times.


Note: Both photographs of Jimmy Eat World were not taken at this show. None of the photos I took this timecame out :( These one here are from the March 1998 show a year earlier at Brodies Warehouse.

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