Juliana Hatfield
@ Sapphire - Orlando, FL. Opening Act: Mayflies USA.

Wednesday October 3, 2000.

 Brief Juliana Hatfield show report:

Early show at 6:30. Juliana goes on at 10:45pm. Lots of people standing around for long periods of time. Talked with Keith and Susie (Maccabees/Poghoh). I'm sorry to confirm that The Maccabees have broken up (hiatus).

The opening band, Mayflies USA, were enjoyable. They've got that alt.country sound going. Nice. One of the guitar players looks like a cross between Beck, Matthew Sweet and Mark Kolzeck all rolled up into one person.

Juliana Hatfield had not been to Florida since 1992. I did not go to shows in 1992. This was the first time I would see her. I was hoping for an acoustic tour. She's got a four piece rock band instead. They are a-rocking. The bass player is very good. Twenty songs she did. I've waited so long to hear that voice in person. It makes me happy. It also made me happy she did a cover of my favorite Dot Allison song "Tomorrow Never Comes". I won't be going to Tampa tomorrow. I'll be in town for Camden. I wish I could go to the show in Athens. John Strohm the opener. Here's to hoping the reunited Blake Babies will go on tour.

SETLIST: Cool Rawk Boy, Live It Up, Sneaking Around, Somebody Is Waiting, Spin The Bottle, Don't Rush Me, As If Your Life Depended On It, Choose Drugs, Running Out Houseboy, My Protegee/Total System Failure, Easy Way Out, Sister, Anemia, Cry In The Dark, When You Loved Me, Bad Day. ENCORE: Slow Motion (solo), Tomorrow Never Comes and ended with Fleur de Lys .

[ the bass player ]

[ Juliana ]

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