Hey Mercedes, Atom and His Package, Mock Orange, Har Mar Superstar!
@ Sapphire Supper Club - Orlando, Florida. Thursday March 29, 2001.

Writing and photographs by Jeffrey Howard.


Okay. So what the heck is Har Mar Superstar? Rather, how do you make him stop? Haha. Well, if he says he kicks ass he must..... right? He comes out in this red choir robe and sings over some beats and sampled stuff off a sequencer or something. A bit like Atom and His Package but more self-righteous and a bit of an attitude. Not to mention his chubby belly sticking out of his superstar outfit which was unveiled after taking off the choir robe. It was made up of loose white slacks, white shirt with a star and a long superman cape in the back. Huh? Oh the curley balding in front mullet in full effect. He sang about doing "it" in the shower - taking clothes off and gettin' it on in general. Ooooooookay. It was nice seeing his crotch on display. Ahem. Michelle liked it...... (yes, i know it's Sean from Sean Na Na. Geez.... Har Mar rulz!)

Next band was Mock Orange, from Indiana, who sounded kinda like Brandtson (the bass player even was wearing a Brandtson shirt). Several of their songs were really good.

Atom and His Package came on in a fury. Well, not really. He seemed a bit off because he felt the Sapphire's stage is high. That seemed to intimidate him. Just a bit but not enough to stop the rock. He went through all the hits "Punk Rock Academy" (first, of course), "Happy Birthday Ralph", the black metal song, the Rob Halford song, the mascot song. You know the ones. We got an "instant request" for "Shopping Spree". Haha. We yelled for it and got it right away. That was quite funny. That song is too much. It's gonna be a hit (won't the Dali Lammas be jealous?).

Last band to close out the night was Hey Mercedes, who are known for harboring three of the guys from Braid. I didn't know what to expect since I hadn't heard any of their songs. Let me tell you, they were incredible. Their songs flowed well, not like the typical spastic Braid song. I was quite impressed. Much love to Hey Mercedes. Do you ever read their weblog Are You Wearing A Wire? They are talking about the tour. Can you believe they link me?

Todays insider comments (this is going to read like a gossip column - how fun!): I'm shouldn't comment on the peeps that said hi to me tonight. Haha. A "10"? Really? Every time? Haha. Don't you know it's a fake page? And you, who don't introduce yourself, quit spinning around taking my picture! Oh no. Hmmmm. Who else did I see? Michelle. I even saw Lynne, that girl who totally dropped me as being her friend last month. Threw me for a loop, yes indeed. She totally didn't ignore me which is more of a response than I expected. Davin and Kyle..... David and Nicole and that annoying accented New York girl. Jaret mentioned the Pet Shop Boys. Keith and Susie from The Maccabees/Pohgoh came up from Tampa. Susie's gonna be doing some solo shows in the next few months. I can't wait! Chris B (in the red sweater) AND Chris B (passing out the flyers). I met "Trip" Morgan for the first time. I didn't see him trip so I guess he's all right. John and Melissa from Turnstile (hee). And the cutest girl in Orlando (actually there is a tie for this title) was there, of course. She's always there. She may be more band-happy than me (the world went "whooaaa"). I saw her last week and she dyed her hair black. Then this week she got it cut shorter - just a little bit. I don't know if I approve of these actions. I'm still having mixed feelings. Sigh... the things I worry about. And I met a bunch more peeps who I can't remember their names because, after all, I am terrible terrible terrible with names. Faces too, unless they talk to me everytime they see me.

It's late so I'm outta here. I can't believe I wrote more than six sentences! I can't believe how gossipy all that was. Nobody cares about this nonsense but me so go read someone else's webpage if you want content you can "relate" to. And I didn't even mention At The Drive-In breaking up. Yay me!

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