City of Catepillar, System 2600, and another one I can't remember!
@ Stone Soup Collective - Orlando, Florida. Someday May 1, 2001.

Writing and photographs by Jeffrey Howard.


Today was MayDay and I witnessed a riot of my own. I ventured down the street to Stone Soup Collective. Richmond VAs City of Catepillar was returning to Florida. I was at the last show a year ago (the night the red car blew up for the final time) and they were 100% awesome. I couldn't miss them. They are too good.

I arrived and there were only a couple of people there. I drove back home and made a few phone calls to get people to come out cos people would be kicking themselves in the butt for missing this show. I got back and an intense game of kickball ensued. Our team was mismatched against the other team. At one point we had three people (against five or six) with the bases loaded. Oops! We still ruled. Michelle drove up as the game ended which made me happy.

System 2600, from Gainesville, went on first. I saw them once before at the Go Fest earlier this year. Their songs are quick, harsh and have lots of screaming. They get a big sound for being a three piece.

City of Catepillar came on and pretty much pounded the Stone Soup into multiple piles of broken cinderblock and bits of drywall left for city management to clean up. The devastation made CNN News. Maybe you saw it? It was right before a Robert Downey Jr drug story. How many bands use the sound of breaking glass as percussion? Not many but the drummer must have broken over twenty bottles during their last song. It was an intense peformance albeit it didn't clear the room like the last time. I think Orlando was more prepared this go around.

Another hardcore band from north Florida played after COC. I can't remember who they were or if they were any good. I swear I was paying attention.

[ System 2600 ]

[ City of Catepillar ]

[ the other band ?? ]


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