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The Woolly Bushmen
The Woolly Bushmen.

Fake Cum, The Sexcapades, The Woolly Bushmen.
@ Uncle Lou's. Orlando, Florida. Thursday May 19, 2011.
Review and pictures by Jeffrey Howard.

I'm not sure where The Woolly Bushmen came from but they blew every band away at this show with a rollicking set of garage meets punkabilly songs. Their roots seem to be going deeper than 60's garage bands to earlier 50's rock and roll. You can tell these three young dudes practice and you should pay attention to them just for that. Killer tunes and vintage organ playing are ace.

Fake Cum is prolly one of the more foul band names in recent memory. They're a new two piece punk band led by Tracey Blades on guitar and vocals with a drummer. Trace returned to the music scene recently- previously he was the drummer for Fashion Fashion & the Image Boys, Rad Kids and the mighty Shit Eagle. The new band has a few good moments when the two come together but right now a bit messy. They've got a real good guitar sound.

It seems that Patrick Gallardo has all new band mates in his The Sexcapades band. Shawn Lloyd (The Hungry Gayze, Shit Eagle) plays bass and Rich Evans (Slippery Slopes + every other band) is drumming. That's definitely an interesting development but their set tonight was pretty sloppy. I felt like I was sitting through a practice session. Usually the band (whatever the lineup) are pretty awesome because Patrick is a ball of energy and flat out shreds on guitar but you can't fool anyone by playing the same songs multiple times in the same set. Take time introducing before playing out new band mates. I'm not that drunk where as I can't pay attention.


Woolly Bushmen
The Woolly Bushmen.

Fake Cum
Fake Cum.

Fake Cum
Fake Cum. That's a new wall at Uncle Lou's!

The Sexcapades
The Sexcapades. You can't tell by the black and white
photos but that's a pink sock on the microphone.


I had to leave before this happened.
Sexcapades filmed by Dan @ Tantrum Images.

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