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King Khan and the Shrines, The Strangers Family Band, The Hex Tremors.
@ Wills Pub. Orlando, Florida. Sunday March 8, 2009.
Review, video and pictures by Jeffrey Howard.

There was a lot of fallout from St. Augustine's Harvest of Hope Festival happening in Orlando this Sunday night. Among others bands that performed at that huge festival, Bad Brains and Against Me were playing somewhere in town. I thought the best option was definitely King Khan and the Shrines at Wills Pub because not many things are greater than a group of nine pasty white Germans playing vintage styled Soul music with a charismatic Indian as front man. And they have their own pom-pom glitter-throwing cheerleader.

King Khan is, of course, the same King Khan from the garage rock mayhem that is King Khan and BBQ Show. They came through Orlando a year ago at Copper Rocket. They were awesome and no one expected anything else from his other band The Shrines. They ruled!

It's been a few months since I've seen The Strangers Family Band play out. Not since last summers I-4 Fest when lead singer Ates punched Andy from Woven Bones in the head after their performance. The band was done some improvements to their focus and sound. Ates is no longer tied behind a guitar- a good move. Also gone is third guitarist Freddy Mullins who now devotes his energies to The Future on Films in Space. No band needs three guitarists. Maybe Averkiou can get away with it. This leaves Juan as sole guitarist- their best and smartest move because that guy can wail out on guitar. He's not overwhelmed behind a wall of noise so you can actually hear how awesome he can play. The new songs (all new material by the way- no older songs performed) are more up tempo, adding a little pop and rock influences to their modern psychedelic sound.

Also opening was the powerhouse duo of Scotty and Benny that can only be known as The Hex Tremors. They bring slide guitar and shuffle beats to such a volume you better have ear plugs.

p.s. Yes, I thought the Harvest of Hope was extremely uninteresting. I hope that kind of thing isn't a trend. Yikes.


King Khan
King Khan & the Shrines show who's the boss.

King Khan
King Khan belting out a soulful moment.

King Khan
King Khan & the Shrines.

King Khan
Pom-poms in action.

King Khan
Camera phone picture.

The Strangers Family Band.

Scott from The Strangers Family Band.

The Hex Tremors
Scotty from The Hex Tremors.

The Hex Tremors
Benny and Scott - The Hex Tremors.


"Welfare Bread"

King Khan and the Shrines.

King Khan & the Shrines
The Strangers Family Band
The Hex Tremors

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