Kick Bright Zine
Kick Bright Zine Record Review 1999.
These are record reviews by a music-loving fan. These aren't intended to be serious, critical reviews. These are for light and fun reading. I hope to turn you onto something new. All reviews by Jeffrey Howard.

Silencing the Sound of Reason CDEP

Pretty decent atmospheric rock with deep female vocals. Awesome drumming and guitar effects cross the galaxies. I wish I knew something more about this band. No song titles, credits, band members were in the slipcase. Along the lines of Joydrop and the first Starfyer 59 album. Sun.Sea.Sky Records.

alpha planAlpha Plan
City of Bastards CD

I'm a big fan of dark, spacious rock and this Alpha Plan band fits rather cooly along such bands like Amp, Joy Division, and Crescent. Unlike those UK bands, Alpha Plan are not from the UK- they are from New Zealand. Their sound is raw, most of the record sounds like a live performance. "The Modern Dance" is rather chilling song. The lyrics go: "we stand to dance at the hall of lies where the beautiful young say they want to die...". The whole album is pretty dark and the combination of words and music give off brilliant imagery. Alpha Pan Webpage. Earwig Records. New Zealand.

Amateur Night
s/t CD

Amateur Night is the reason my landlords look at me funny. I get my mail through them and one day I get this package with a stamp emblazoned with 'Amateur Night'. Oh great, they think I'm into teenie porn. Thanks guys and gal! It was like the time when they knocked on my door and I opened it. I had left the TV on (it was on mute and I was computering listening to records). As we talked the more he seemed to want to end the conversation like "oh, I'm interrupting you....". I turn around and the teevee is showing Exit To Eden at the scene where Dana Delaney and that guy are gettin' it on in New Orleans. I had no idea! I was an embarrassing moment. So as I was trying to say Amateur Night plays good pop like a cross between Sleepyhead and The GooGoo Dolls. I think I have a crush on the drummer. She's a cutie. Jim's Records.

The American Analog Set
The Golden Band CD
The Only Living Boy Around 7"

The American Analog Set is one of the best dream pop bands America has to offer. They don't use volume or dynamics to make their point - rather they use simplicity as their driving force. Brush (and hushed) drums, farisa and guitar make the core of this album. The entire album flows from song to song without much of a stop between songs. It's almost like the album is one long drone pop song. The dreamy boys vocals are perfect. The drums are amazing. I read an interview with the AAS and in it they said this album cost them seventy-eight dollars to make. They recorded this album (as they do all their recordings) in their living room in Austin, TX and only had to pay for the tape. This is just an amazing, amazing recording. I like it a lot better than their first two records. My favorite song off this is "The Wait" but it's really hard to choose just one. Also the 7" that came out before the CD has been getting a lot of play on my record player. It has a version of "It's All About Us" from the CD that is more quiet and they use acoustic rather than electric guitar. The A-side is getting to be a favorite. The first line goes "The girls are giving up because the boys are lazy". The lyrics are sweet like candy. I like it because it's a bit more up tempo (aka bouncy) than most of their songs. Emperor Jones.

Sunflower EP

This EP is unlike anything Amp has done previous. They made a pop song. "Sunflower" features Karine's vocals are up front and are, for all intents, are the focus. In the past her vocals were always laid far back in the mix, heavily reverbed so you could never tell what she was singing. Sitting behind her vocals is acoustic guitar and pulseating drum machine beats. It's most unusual if you've come to expect Amp to be ambient-space drone music. The other two songs/remixes would sound perfect played alongside any of the compostions off Massive Attacks' Mezzanine. Slow bass, drum machine and an echoing vocal. I am impressed with the new sound and I think I like this even better than 1997s Astralmoonbeamprojections. This is just an EP. I am now anxiously awaiting to get the full length to see if the material will be the same. Ochre Records.

Appleseed Cast
The End of the Ring Wars CD

As far as emo-core bands Appleseed Cast makes an interesting journey into loss and the desire to overcome sadness. The result comes this brilliant concept album.... it seems to be one from the instructions given for the album saying it's "meant to be listened to in whole, not in part." The music is at times slow and intricate and other times a cascading volume of big over driven guitar riffs with feedback screeching all the way backed by amazingly played drumming. There's a million bands that do this same thing but Appleseed rises higher. There's a certain something in the voice that is believable. They are emo, make no mistake. I'm impressed...... I mean I'm moved. If you watch Beverly Hills 90210 you'll notice the album cover in the background of Davids studio. How did this happen? Deep Elm Records.

s/t CDEP

Argentina is the latest project from the talented Lopez brothers, Mario and Alex. After taking a break from the demise of two popular Gainesville bands (Anklebiter and Crush 22), Mario (drums and keyboards) began Argentina with his brother Alex (guitar). Drew from Strikeforce Diablo was added on bass to complete the trio. Their five song CD displays their knack for writing the intricate indie-rock song from the opening rocker "National Anthem" to the soft Ida-like "Miami". I really like "Question Answers", the only song that has lyrics. It's been a favorite song as of late.

Beanpole/Holiday Flyer
split 7"

It's been a while since the last record on Papercut Records and their new release has two fine indiepop bands. Two bands intertwined together: Beanpole and Holiday Flyer. Beanpole is a solo project of Verna Brock (also 1/3 of Holiday Flyer) with two home-recorded tunes that reek of bitterness and indifference (on "Never Again"). Is it just me or are most of Vernas songs harsh? I used to think her songs were sweet because they sounded sweet. The two songs by Holiday Flyer are great. Holiday Flyer get my vote for having some of the saddest lyrics in indiepop history. John and Katie have the most melancholic yet beautiful voices. They hurt they hurt they hurt...... this is a good record to pick up for your collection. Papercut Records.

Mienakusuru CDEP

Girl fronted hard rock with decent shifting guitars that was like listening to Sleater-Kinneys Corin Tucker backed by Fugazi (or any DC Hardcore outfit, really), but nowhere near as good. The vocals could be better. If you yell, at least yell good. Fist In Your Mouth Music.

The Bonaduces
The Democracy of Sleep CD

What a great record this is. I can't stop playing 'The Democracy of Sleep' at the Kick Bright household. Don't they know I have bunched of other record reviews to write? Maybe I could get to them if it weren't for the fun pop-punk-indie sounds of The Bonaduces. I don't mind the silly, sometimes long, slightly akwardly phrased song titles like "I Nominate My Kitten For the King of the Dead" or "The Second Annual National Depression Awareness Day Sleepover Party" because they (and the titles of the other songs) are abstracted from the lyrics. The lyrics won me over. They run the gamut between friends (loved and lost), girlfriends (loved and lost), depression, strength and growing older all the while holding onto a childlike curiosity. Not one lyric typical or cliche. Reading the lyric sheet is like reader a letter from the author telling stories about their life. If you see this record anywhere it'll be worth the price. Recommended.... it's fun and catchy. What more could you want? One listen to "Bee-Sting Necklace" and I guarantee a dance around the room. I'd reference Discount, Queers and recent Promise Ring to their sound. Endearing Records.

Boy Crazy
Last Thursday 7"

For a name like Boy Crazy you'd be led to believe they would be an all girl band. Oops only one gal out of four members. How silly. What we have here is cute strummy guitar based indie pop with boy/girl vocal tradeoffs and enough "do-doos" to make you feel silly like summer. Good moogish keyboard sounds! Think of a mixture of Wolfie and Tullycraft and you have Boy Crazy. Magic Marker Records.

The Epidemic of Falling Backwards CD

Broadcaster are a rock/emo band from Minnesota and they sound like what you would imagine. They are borderline fast, the duals guitars are in your face. The vocals are laid back and have a certain inviting ironic reflectiveness to them. They vocals reminded me of the way they Hot Water Music guys sing. Congregation Records.

Field Recordings From the Cook County Water Table CD

I first heard this playing in a record store a couple of months ago. It was quiet, minimal but it sounded like Tortoise. I was hooked. I thought it was a new Bundy Brown (ex-Tortoise) record but I was wrong - it was Douglas McCombs. Brokeback is his solo project using, for the most part, a six-stringed bass. I think this instrumental album is pretty solitary sounding. I feel compelled to listen to this alone in the wintertime at nightfall. Douglas does have minimal help from Noel Kupersmith (dueling basses), John McEntire (percussion- sometimes a trap kit, other times just a shaker or a triangle). There is this one song with bird calls that really annoys me - especially when I am napping!!!! Mary Hanson (Stereolab) lends a vocal to a Tortoise 'cover' of "Along the Banks of Rivers" retitled "The Great Banks". Doug whistles the strings part of the song. It's great. Thrill Jockey Records.

The Buddyrevelles
September, November CD

I just love boy bands that can rock and roll but have pretty high sung vocals like Poole, Hankshaw, Spent, Unrest.... ahhh you get the idea. They are just awesome- let's all say a collective "no-no" to gruff vocals. No turn offs allowed! The Buddyrevelles are a pleasant new discovery. What I liked about this CD was that the songwriting throughout the album is all solid. The stylistic differences between the individual songs match together perfect. It's rare that you can listen to a record and have that "whole" feeling. If you were a fan of mid 90's indie-rock like Versus and Small Factory this is the record you need to look for now - especially if you liked Spent. In the long haul, this is a winner. Motorcoat Records.

The Burgandy Romance

I bet no one out there knew there are a lot of post/math rock bands floating around the great state of Florida. They exist, I swear. Somewhere in Loxahatchee, FL there a trio of guys in a garage or maybe an abandoned gas station making lots of noise and lots of quiet in short intervals of time. They are doing this extremely sloooowly to the point you forget you are listening to music. That's when they hit you with the bang. Seven instrumental songs with no titles. Silences and outbursts. Boxcar Records.

Anyway, I've Been There CD

"every time you don't try, my insides die"
The second album by NY band Camber created a situation of a relationship rooted in a self-destructing sadness and set it to music, trying to make sense of why people pull away from healing. The songs are sad enough to make you cry but the gentleness and supportiveness announced throughout the recording is what makes this good, like bands like like Ida or Pohgoh do. Sad but uplifting would perfectly describe this record. Aside from the lyrics you'll find early 90's indie-rock and post-punk influences in the music. Good dynamics and a believable voice out this over the top of their contemporaries. Deep Elm Records Records.

Cross My Heart
s/t CD

Talk about intensity! Cross My Heart know what it means. The dynamics of CMHs music blew me away. They have got to be the best melodic hardcore/emo band since Texas Is The Reason. The third song "Today I Discovered The World" has been rocking my world like no other. Deep Elm Records.

The Dakota Coastline
s/t CDEP

I've been hearing of a lot of good bands from the Tampa, FL area like The Maccabees, Versailles and now, The Dakota Coastline. I've been playing their CD a lot since I got it from them at one of their shows. All at the same times it evokes sweetness and pure indie rockness. Can you conjure up the image of Sean from Tullycraft singing for The Afghan Whigs? Good music and good lyrics make for good CD. I like this band more and more everyday.

s/t CD

I really like this album. In fact, since I got this album I haven't given much time to other new records I've gotten this month. Dallas, the band, is not from Dallas - nor were they ever on the television show Dallas, although that is where they get their name. They come from Estonia, part of the former Soviet Union, and they couldn't of put together a more pleasant and charming album. It's "European" guitar pop with light, adoring girly vocals (I think I'm in love) - sometimes countered with boy vocals not unlike St. Etienne, The Cardigans, and the Pastels (a lot like The Pastels). It's not too derivative though it is easy to pick out their influences. It's also shoegazey and dub in parts. In the end it doesn't matter, to me at least, they have a nice mix and they done some really nice things with them. High Park Records.

Open Ended Aerial 7"

Florida band Discount discography grows by leaps and bounds. This is the first release with a new bass player. I must say I like these three songs quite a lot. The new Discount sound is ace. Overall, it's more indierock than previous recordings. "Slant Intervention" could just as easily be confused with Sarge. They come back hard with "Aerial." It's brutal! Alison really wails. The closing song "Most Brutal Criminal" is a rare acoustic song. If you already know Discount this single will surprise you. If you haven't heard these guys and gal this is a pretty good starting point and you may find a new favorite band. Rugger Bugger Records.

Dressy Bessy
Pink Hearts Yellow Moon CD

This may as well be the best female-led rock and pop album since Veruca Salts' 'American Thighs' if not better. Is this a good thing? Heck yes!!! Not a single CD for two straight weeks interrupted my Dressy Bessy - whether while I was at home or at work. Even when I had to listen to the radio I requested Dressy Bessy-- yes, they play DB on the radio. The riffs are perfect, the lyrics are as fun as the music. Their live show is awesome as well. Tammy's a definite cutie. This album is sunshiney and is a guaranteed smile. This is one of best albums to come out during 1999. Dressy Bessy Live Review. Kindercore Records.

Goodwill/Dogtrack 7"

I really liked this single from Washington DCs Durian. The A-side is fast peppy "D.C" hardcore sounding with enough pop to make me happy. I liked the B-side. It "rocked" for all descriptive purposes and energetic as all. I keep wanting to say they are anthem rock but I wouldn't have a definition for such a term other than they want to make me scream the lyrics out loud. I'd bet these guys have to have an awesome live show. Durian Webpage. Diver City Records.

800 Cherries
Romantico CD

It's been a while since I was into Japanese pop. I was a freak several years ago. I'd die over bands like Sugarplant and Squash Blossom. I had not been keeping up. I'd keep up with Japanese web fanzines but I knew I would never hear any of the tapes and 7"s by small bands. It made me turn my back because it was better not to know what was going on. March Records have been doing a little to bridge the gap with releasing good Japanese pop in the United States like Club 8 and 800 Cherries, who this review is about. 800 Cherries is a duo of Manami and Masayuki. They play simple pop using an arsenal of electric keyboard, drum machines and guitars. The vocals and lyrics are sweet and cute just like they should be. They reminds me of a cross between Rocketship and a Hal Hartley soundtrack in parts. There's a Velvet Underground cover ("Here She Comes Now"). Excellent stuff that makes me want to check out all these other bands I'd like to hear. La pa ti ta......... March Records.

The Eyesores/The Iditarod
split 7"

Both bands on this have a similar sound. Both remind me of Retsin and Will Oldham - a kind of indie porch rock music. The Eyesores seem to be a five piece collective with a couple of guests. The Iditarods songs are real somber, almost scary- especially their first song. They also do a Brian Eno cover of "The Fat Lady of Limbourg" using an accordion. Brentwood Estates.

I Wait For You (By The Phone) 7"

If you like sythesizer based pop music you'll like Figurine. They play a lo-fi electronica more away from Depeche Mode and more towards #Poundsign# , if a bit "cuter" and more "sad." You'll like the adorable girl/boy vocal tradeoffs. The vocals style reminded me of early Sugarcubes. Blackbean and Placenta.

The Fly Seville
2 Songs cassette

This cassette is a teaser for an upcoming full length and judging by the two songs on this, you may officially call me impatiently waiting. I liked the other cassette they released over a year ago but this blew me away. They've improved their lo-key pop style in everyway, especially the vocals. They felt more honest (and sexy) and the range was more than the dead-panned delivery on the first cassette. The band did some other radical changes, they got a new drummer, added a celloist/keyboardist and relocated to Boston. I'm sure you'll be hearing more good things about The Fly Seville. You better believe them.

The Fly Seville
Carousel CD

Impressive. That's pretty much sums up my opinion of The Fly Sevilles (from Boston) first full length album. I thought their self-released tapes were pretty good but after listening to 'Carousel' I think they've come into their own. This is *good* stuff. They settled into a wonderful laid back indie-rock sense with the right amount of pop. Jesse Blatzs' vocals are a downright perfect of somberness and sexiness. The early tapes may be a little hard to find now but luckily they rerecorded several of those songs. "Lemonseed" takes on a whole new dimension with the added extended slow groove jam called "The Second Half." God, it's so slick! Colin Rhinesmith tears it up on bass. I also loved "Unspeakable Things." If there were more bands making music like this I would be a happy boy. I hope someone out there in readerville picks up this album. It's a winner. Sealed Fate Records.

The Invisible Girl CD

Fonda are from Los Angeles and play an blend of fuzz punk and pop. The tradeoff vocals by Emily and David are energetic, mixing it up with a cute British accent shouting and sweet swooning. The fast-driving songs like "One of a Kind" and "Keep On Moving" are just the kind of thing I love to hear. Their organ lines makes me go crazie! Reference: Heavenly, Wolfie and Elastica. Top Quality Records.

Forstella Ford
Relics of an Unseen Life CD

There's a million of bands that do the post emo rawk thang, from Jazz June to 12 Hour Turn. I never know quite what to say about them. Maybe FF are the same or maybe they're a little different but they fall somewhere in between the two aforementioned bands. The songs are more on the loudness scale, with an occasional acoustic interlude, lacking any memorable catchiness or followable melody, which is really needed in this kind of music along with dynamics. The vocals, when not shouting or whispering, could have used some work on delivery. Or maybe it was just the reverb? The First Time Records.

(picnic, lightning) CD

Geez, the first thing I think is these guys are trying to sound like The Smiths and Morrissey. The chorused guitar and vocals are a dead giveaway. A totally 80's alternative (oops I meant to say 'progressive') sound. I'm not the biggest Morrissey fan (contrary to a popular Jeffrey stereotype) so I wasn't too excited about this record though I really liked the songs "Huge Weeping Willows" and "Shroot". I'd also reference Garlands to The Ladybug Transistor and The Doleful Lions for contemporary music listeners. Garlands Webpage. Mister Records.

Gaslight Radio
Hitch On The Leaves CD

From beginning to end, Gaslight Radio put together a wonderful album of strummy mellow pop songs. The drums are played at a lazy groove, the guitars strum slowly like a Yo La Tengoish drone building up and up, always cascading back into the background before an overboil occurs. They reminded me of a boy-fronted Mazzy Star. The vocalist has a haunting ache to his voice, in a similar manner as The Replacements' Paul Westerberg. Remember songs like "Rock and Roll Ghost" from 'Don't Tell A Soul'? This album is sung just like that. It's beautiful. Overall, a mellow listen, good to play when you don't want to worry about albums that have quiet and loud songs. All quiet here. Lonely Guy Records/MDS.

The Grey A.M.
Move The Monuments East CD

I usually don't like bands that blatantly copy the style of similar bands within their respective genres. The resulting bands to come after the "greats" really aren't very good as compared to the "greats". On the surface The Grey AM sound just like a cross between The Promise Ring and The Jazz June. Both of those bands pretty much have an identifiable style and if anyone tries to copy you immediately think "ohhhh--they're just ripping off so and so." But there is something about this band that I like. This isn't completely original but I dig this album. They have good songs and play them well. Even the lyrics are all right. I'd say I'd play this as much as The Jazz June but probably not as much as The Promise Ring. Fiddler Empire Records.

The Fidelity Wars CD

Geez Lousie - who was the girl who messed this guy up? Hefner is one of the bands Annie always plays on her radio show - like every week. I needed something different than what I had been listening to so when I was at the record store I got The Fidelity Wars. Eleven songs about sex and relationships from a trio from England. Pretty decent ex-girlfriend music if you ask me. Though it does get a little sappy/silly after a while. Maybe it's the guys crackling, whiny voice? Like when I listen to "The Hymn For The Alcohol" sometimes I think: 'oh this is great. I love it'. But other times I think: 'you know, this is really tacky'. A ram shackled stable? Okay..... Joe Cocker for the late 90's? In any case this album is highly recommended and I'm glad I picked this one up. Too Pure/Beggars Banquet.

The Hurricane Lamps
Tales From The Sink CD

Loud crazy lo-fi 8-track recorded indie rawk. A lot is like what I'd called the "rockin' Sebadoh", know what I mean? Kleenex Girl Wonder type stuff. The Hurricane Lamps Webpage. Sonic Boomerang Records.

The I Live the Life of a Movie Star Secret Hideout
Gale Wind Transistor CD

I missed out the first time these recordings came out. It's a shame because I would have really gotten into them before now. They are everything I loved about the lo-fi indierock scene in the mid 90's. Imagine early K records (ala Kicking Giant or Cannanes) mixed with the home recorded sound like The Receptionists. Does anyone remember a band called Grit? They have almost the exact same sound. The lineup is simple, just a guy (Adam) and a girl (Maria) with a drum set and an electric guitar. They must be two sweet kids. The CD collects two vinyl-only EPs, originally on the Radio Argot label in 1994-1998 with three unreleased songs. The band has been working on new songs and playing shows and they are said to be amazing. I hope we won't have to wait for new material as long as it takes me to say their name! Hit or Miss Records.

split 7"

It's *that* song....."Don't Get Sad On Me" by Ida: I remember this song like it was yesterday. I remember hearing for the first time. It was a chilly Boston night and I was in love. To the Middle East we walked hand in hand to see Ida and this song they sang. It hushed the audience as the melodica filled the room. "Your love isn't gone/It's just moved on". Can I take comfort? I try. All I know is that I get the chills. Anyone with comfort to share? This song is essential for any Ida fan. Ida shares this record with a band called Vermont, a "side project" of Davey VonBohlen and Dan Didier of the Promise Ring with a couple of friends. It's simple guitar indiepop with weird electronic noises in the background. I thought it was all right but I'd like to hear more from them. Luckily, Kindercore has a full length coming out soon. Long Quiet Highway Records.

The Innocence Mission
Birds of My Neighborhood CD

This is one of my favorite bands. A lot of their songs have special meaning to me, whether the lyrics or associations I have with the music. Their last album, Glow, that came out four years ago is one of my all time favorite albums. I've been anticipating this album for the longest time and it does not disappoint. The band strips down their sound and style. Most songs are performed as a three piece (or less) without drums with the lovely, comforting voice of Karin Peris on vocals and guitar, her husband Don Peris on guitar and Mike Bitts on upright bass. Their music is beautiful. Their lyrics are comforting and come with a magical imagery around them ("If I could I would break into flower"). I'm saying "comfort" a lot in this review. This is comfort music. RCA/Kneeling Elephant Records.

The Wooden Spires CD

In a sentence: Quirky lo-fi indierock along the lines of Mathlete, Guided By Voices and The Flaming Lips with some serious electronics going on. It's overall cleverness makes me giggle. These guys are having fun. It's so easy for music like this to get bogged down. This is odd and diverse to hold my rapt attention. There's even a Magnetic Fields cover ("The Saddest Story Ever Told"). Jetenderpaul Webpage. Vainglorious Home Recordings/Velvet Blue/Burnt Toast.

All Your Friends Are Comedians/The Great Salt Lake 7"

I like bands that play in a heavy-dynamic style with slow drumming. That's why I dig this Juno single. Juno's got a nice mix of volume (they have three guitar players) and ambience with drumming playing with the right amount of restraint. The first songs chugs along like any good melodic hardcore band does. I liked it. The flip side takes the band in a different direction. It's majestic. Using three guitar players they layer sounds upon sounds. In the background a voice narrates a tale of living alone and forgotten. Good song. Mag Wheel Records.

Keith Welsh
Slow Dive CD

"I'm here right now, and I'm scared of this urge to kiss you on your mouth"
Very sweet and tear-jerky acoustic songs by a raspy voiced Keith Welsh. The accompanying booklet is something quite special. It reads like a poetry zine with the words and images that heighten the music. It could stand out on it's own. Dave LeBlue from Mercury Program lends a hand on drums on several songs. Brave Noise Records.

The Kiss Offs
Goodbye Private Life CD

This is the shit. This is rock and roll. This is what rock and roll should be this day in age: rocking out guitars, chugging snare-heavy drums and bass, and the meanest sounding keyboard west of the Mississippi. And, oh, the singing. All of them sing, scream and yell. The girl singer is awesome. So are the boys! The rock songs like "Dream Date" and "All Dressed Up" make me wanna scream along. I like how they are punk and danceable. If you loved intense noisypunky bands like Emily's Sassy Lime, Bratmobile, Heavens To Betsy or the Grifters, The Kiss Offs are a must. They'll be your new love and, oooooh, you will dance. Yes, you will. Peek-A-Boo Records. PO Box 49542. Austin, TX 78765.

Kitty Craft
Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch CD

Point One: With a name like Kitty Craft it's safe to assume it's be twee. Point Two: the adorable kitty cat on the cover and the flowers means it'll be cute and sweet. Point Three: Kindercore Records - guaranteed goodness. I was quite impressed with the sounds of this album. Instead of making pop sounds the "normal" way (guitars, drums, bass) Pamela lays down hip hop beats, samples loops and sings so sweet the lyrics are barely audible. I don't have a clue how to categorize this. Maybe it would help to reference Sukpatch or anything on the Slabco label. It's almost like every sound on the album appears to be sampled and looped and still manages to have pop song structures. It's amazing the complexity/simplicity of the making of this album. I've listened to this for hours at a time (play, repeat, play, repeat) and it hasn't lost freshness. This is rare. Kindercore Records.

Late Night Television
11 Songs For Your Shallow, Broken Heart CD

Late Night Television may be familiar. It's Matt Kelly (guitar, vocals) and Joe Paone (bass) from Sonny Sixkiller. The sound is similar, driving pretty sounding guitar heavy indie rock like The Lemonheads, Superchunk and the aforementioned Sonny Sixkiller. The title of the album sums up the lyrical content, broken relationships. I like. There's even a spacey remake of a SSixkiller song "To Whom It May Concern." Route Fourteen Records.

The Maccabees
Songs From the Weakest Link CD

This quite may be one of the most heart wrenching records I've ever heard. The lyrics are so painfully intimate they have the power to shiver you to your bones from laments of unattained perfection and goodbyes to beauty and the sweetness of "too much kissing". And Susies sweet yet heart breaking vocals add so much more impact. The instrumentalizations that accompanies the voice are just as fragile with quiet acoustic/electric guitars, soft drumming. You should know that The Maccabees are three/fourths of the band Poghoh (Susie Richardson, Keith Ulrey and Matt Slate), who have a legacy in their own right. The lineup differs only with the addition of ex-Chester bass player Chris Deininger. Poghoh was more "rocking" like Velocity Girl but The Maccabees run more along the lines of Ida. 'Songs From the Weakest Link' comes with my highest recommendation. New Granada Records.

The Critical Idiom LP

I was ready to hate this before the first song ended. First of all, I couldn't figure out which speed to play it at: 45? 33 1/3? Honestly, it really didn't matter. I didn't like it either speed! It was four-track recorded cheesy synthesizer with poor sounding drum machines in the worst way. The vocals, even behind wobbly effects, were out of tune. If it didn't come across as being serious I would have thought more of it. But the thing with this LP is that it didn't as a whole annoy me. In fact, there are some nice sounds on this LP that I thought were really good. "Theme From Society Hill" was nice. "Glass Ceiling" had a mellow Stereolab/Fuxa vibe to it. Was it a coincidence that those were instrumental songs? The second side is ace. It's three long, drawn-out bliss/trip-out songs. I listen to them while drifting away on the brink of unconsiousness late at night. The LP is worth it for the second side. Blackbean and Placenta Records.

Marine Research

Look out indiepoppers. You know who Marine Research are, don't you? No? Shame shame. Four out of five members of Marine Research were part of one of the UKs most famous pop bands Heavenly. Should comparisons be made between the two? I don't know if a full length is forthcoming but by listening to the two samplings on this single we are going to be in for a treat and I'm screaming for more! Both songs are great fun; more laid back and relaxed as compared to Heavenly but the same recognizable formula is still there. Marine Research webpage. WIAWYA/K Records.

Masters of the Hemisphere
s/t CD

I wasn't prepared for this album. Now admittedly, I have been a fan of this band for a while, seen them concert several times, traveling many hours just to see them play and have their debut 7" (also on Kindercore - long sold out). I thought they were something fun and fresh. Their live shows are silly, mostly because they seem so shy onstage but still managed to rock out at the Florida and Athens Popfests; even opening for UKs Belle and Sebastian.

I was not a stranger to their newer material but what I head coming out of my speakers.... my god. I wasn't prepared. I wasn't prepared to have faith restored in what good pop music can be to a jaded record junkie like myself. The CD shows a more mature band that knows how to write and play pop melodies with jangle. Songs like "West Essex" and "Meteor" prove that they can jangle with the best of them. The singable "Everybody Knows Canada" will have you humming all day long.
After the first listen I knew this Masters of the Hemisphere CD would make my favorite album of 1999. I'd dare say this is one of the best records (of ANY genre) I've ever heard. From start to finish the pop melodies are perfect. Trust me, this will be the best album you will hear this year. Kindercore Records.

The Mercury Program/Versailles
split 7"

Amazing! Tampa band The Mercury Program has added another scorcher to their growing discography. "Salt The Fields" follows the same formula as their first 7", slow tempo Slint-esque indie rock. This song more focused more on quiet restraint. The vocals are whispered. Then come the sudden outbursts and yells, then back to the slow burn. How low can they go? Indie rock perfection. On the flipside is another Tampa band called Versailles. They have a similar vibe to TMP but more loud and rocking like Unwound. Boxcar Records.

The Mercury Program
s/t CD

If you've been reading the record reviews here on Kick Bright you will already know that I've raved over the early Mercury Program 7"s. I think this trio is intense and spacious. Their first full length recording takes the band in a slightly different direction. The aggressiveness of the early material is set aside for more restraint that leaves an almost Tortoise-like feel to the album. The songs are held together by repetitive bass lines and stylized percussion (including vibes) leaving the guitar to create atmosphere. The hushed soft-spoken vocals are perfect. By the end of the third song, "Over This Land", you know there's a groove on. It carries until the end of the album. The recording is great on this, too. An overall A+ package. Boxcar Records.

Non Plus Ultra CD

"You really bring out the machine in me"
What a bizarre album! I am honestly quite perplexed on what to say about it. It's like hardcore with a technological edge (but I'm not sure what that means). They have songs that are just rocking, some that incorporate odd-sounding synthesizers, even a pop song. They sample bands like Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbreaker, Team Dresch - heck, they even sample themselves- and incorporate it into their songs. The flow of the songs is harsh, maybe this was intentional. It was recorded in different places on different equipment and the mix makes it hard to listen to. I preferred the 16 track songs myself. "Loi Moi" was a nice pop-gem, buried late into the album. This album is crazy. Check it out for yourself and get back to me. Paralogy Records.

The Mondo Crescendo
California Sun/On The Beach 7"

These guys and gal are a lot of fun. Their music is light and breezy California style yet still have a poppunk bite. Think Go Sailor or Cub. Songs about sun and sand. Two of these popstars were in another fun band called Juniper. They are very similar in style that you'd have a hard time distingusing between the two. I suggest you get this now and wait 'til summer rolls around again for pool and beach parties... or heck, use these tunes to warm up your winter. Pretty multi-colored tin foil cover. The Mondo Crescendo Webpage. Blackbean and Placenta Records.

The Gay EP

This CD has me in stitches. It's so funny! I don't know if these guys are jokesters or what? The first song chorus goes "you ain't a man 'til you had a man." It's the "east" coast version so it's a rocker. The "west" "remix" version is made into a casio/80's dance rumpus. It's too much! The second song is so sappy sick it makes me laugh uncontrollably. I hope it's what was intended. It's called "Ex-girlfriends Birthday" and the singer sings oh-so-sadly with lines like "she'll be blowing out the candles like she blew out our relationship" and "have her parents met her boyfriend and did they like him more than me?" GAG times ten!!! It's great! All six songs are in different styles... do-wop, country, casiocore, ballad, acoustic-lounge style. Everyone I've played Muckafurgason for loves it to death....... or they just look at me funny. For fans of Of Montreal and Pansy Division. Deep Elm Records. PO Box 1965. NY,NY 10156.

Ninety Nine
767 CD

Most people wouldn't recognize Laura MacFarlanes name. If I said she was the first drummer for Sleater-Kinney (on Call The Doctor and the self titled albums) you'd say "oh yeah." She was overshadowed by Carrie Kinney and Corin Tucker even if she was part of the creative force behind the band. Laura left the band, she is an Australian native and lives there now, and made her own "solo" work under the name 'Ninety Nine' and runs Choozy Records. '767' is her second full length album and it demonstrates she is a full musician. Under no circumstances lump her into the "drummer" category. She plays all the instruments ranging from guitars to vibes. It retains a little rawness of Sleater-Kinney, the slow pretty stylings of early Spinanes and plinkering of the Receptionists. It's good enough to stand on its own. Endearing Records.

No Knife
Fire In The City of Automatons CD

I've missed two No Knife play shows this summer. I really didn't know what I was missing until I hear their new album. It's pretty much straightforward rock that you can sing along with. There's occasional Polvo-esque guitar twittering. They sound like a Touch and Go band. I shall not miss them next time they come to town. Time Bomb Recordings Recordings.

Pedro The Lion

I heard a lot of good things about this band. I get afraid of hype because I am always left a little disappointed. I even went to their concert without hearing them and I was, to put it mildly, immediately converted. They were just what I imagined - better even. I picked up their first EP (s/t - 1997) on Tooth and Nail Records days later and thought it was brilliant. Pretty, simple and sincere slow-core songs with a personality to them that reaches for heartstrings. Record label Made In Mexico signed David Bazan and company in 1998 and released this 7" and a full length CD. The 7" was stripped down, ascoustic indiefolk porch songs. It is a bit Sebadoh sounding. The lyrics are honest and engaging. To tell the truth I'd pick Pedro over Sebadoh. What does this tell you? Made In Mexico Records.

Pedro The Lion
The Only Reason I Feel Secure (Is That I Am Validated By My Peers) CDEP

Pedro The Lion (am I allowed to call them slow-core?) returns with an excellent EP following a disappointing full length (It's Hard To Find A Friend) that came out last year. It had a couple of moments ("Bad Diary Days" and "Big Trucks") but my attention wandered. It also had a lot of hype to it but it didn't really deliver, to me at least. It was not near as attention grabbing as their first EP (The Whole EP) on Tooth and Nail in 1997. I'd dare say this new EP is just as good as their first EP. Especially the first song "Criticism As Inspiration." I remember being brought to tears when I saw this performed live. I didn't even know the song then. The lyrics go something like "Looking for answers, but you won't admit it now. You don't need a reason. That's what you tell me but i still don't buy it, you'll drink yourself silly night after night." It is quite a heart wrenching song and it's worth picking up this record just for this one song. Made In Mexico Records.

Plymouth Rock
It's All Going To End in Tears CD

The band name is tacky. Who thought up Plymouth Rock? God! The cover with the kitty initially grossed me out. I thought it was a sick kitty but a closer inspection it is just an unhappy WET kitty. The picture of the band wants to make me run in fear. They sound like a silly cowboy bar band with really really whiny vocals. But I have to say this CD has got to be the most charming album to come out this year. Every song, every seventeen one of them, is about a broken relationship. All about how he misses her, questions motives and what he would do if he saw her again. Geez, the whole awful spectrum! Some may cringe and run in fear from Plymouth Rock but I love it. File under: things that are so tacky and silly that they are great.
The Glorious Couch Life CD

This made me smile immediately and kept me smiling for the whole record. And my foot didn't stop tapping. My groove was on. Damn if this isn't a dancable album. Imagine a hyper Sea And Cake or a dancey Polvo and you get an idea of how this Australian co-ed bands sounds like. They don't make music like this and I don't know why they don't. It's great. Leave it to Pollen to bring back dancable rock. These guys have got something here. Tune in. Brass Companion/MDS Records.

Port Vale
Western Winds EP

Bouncy indiepop from three Houston boys (two guitars and drummer) singing songs about postmen and airplanes. This is fun! Recorded by John Croslin and Gram Lebron (Schrasj). Ojet Records.

The Promise Ring
Very Emergency CD

Mellow happy pop. Laid back. Honestly, I'd rather listen to 30 Everywhere or the singles collection. Go read reviews in Spin or Rocket Fuel or any other silly emo zine. I'm not going to devote a lot of time to this. The vocals are really out front this album, very distinct like on the intimate Vermont record. If you want the good stuff, get 30 Everywhere. If you want to dance around, get Nothing Feels Good. If you want to hear the words, get Very Emergency. If some girl wrote things like Davy writes (Like "Living Around" when he says "you drop a bomb on my bad day/You're the end of the world") to me I would just melt. Best song off this one is "All of My Everythings". If I had to recommend Very Emergency or the Vermonts Living Together, I'd had to go with Vermont. Jade Tree Records.

The Punk Monkees
Flip Over! CD

Whoa! Talk about 70's rock revival and you'll get something like the duo of The Punk Monkees. Don't let the "punk" in Punk Monkees scare you off. It's not "punk" sounding in the traditional sense. It's like Sgt. Peppers era Beatles (I won't even say Elephant 6ish- lest I die of uneducated comparisonage) with more acoustic guitars in the mix. It's a pretty cool listen. The vocals are sung with a heavy British accent. I don't know if they are originally British. The band is from the Boston area.

The Receptionists
Last Letter CD

From 1994 to 1997 a couple of Vassar College girls had a band, making adorable tunes -- cute and intelligent -- and recording them in various dorm rooms using accordions, xylophones, guitars and whatever was laying around. This band is, of course, one of my favorite favorites. I couldn't get enough. I thought they were the cutest, you know? With songs about kissing and laundry and hand holding and drinking fountains, how could I resist their charm? This CD collects all their 7"s (originally released on BadaBing and Harriet Records) and a few unreleased tunes of what perfect bedroom pop is. "The Chills" is one of my favorite all time songs. Someone knows why. Badabing Records.

The Search for Saturnalia
s/t CD

Every once and a while I get send a CD that totally gets my attention and I say to myself "my gosh, this is awesome!". And probably not many people will get to hear this and it will be a shame. I bet a lot of people would really dig this band. They have style points going for them big time. They mix aggressive indie rock (Versus, Superchunk, Sonic Youth) with hardcore rocking (Jazz June, June of '44), very melodic and energetic. The tension on the record is fantastic! Lots of yelled lyrics delivered Mac Superchunk style. It's a quite original sound and I must say that I like it a lot. The Search for Saturnalia are from Austin, TX and they have boys and girl in it. Co-ed bands always get bonus points from me. TSFS Records.

The Shyness Clinic
Sea of Redlights CD

I've noticed this band's name around. They came highly recommended from friends in Boston (where the band hails from) who raved about their rocking live show. They would open for Karate a lot and a couple of the guys were in the Puddle Jumpers LTD who had a nice single come out a year or so ago. I never saw any of their records in catalogs or stores anywhere. I came across comes their first full length album called 'Sea of Redlights' when they toured in Florida. Overall, it's a nice "nice boy" indie rock album. Think a mix of Versus with Braid with early Promise Ring vocals. The Shyness Clinic Webpage. Espo Records.

Silver Scooter
Orleans Parish CD

Silver Scooter were one of those bands I always read about, mostly from indiepop sources. Three guys making pop songs with a little kick and sweetness. Then "emo" came into fashion and they seemed to get lumped into that category. It made categorizing silly (which it is) because they could fit into a slew of categories. I had only one song in my record collection--the "Pumpkin Eyes" song off Crank!s 'Don't Forget To Breathe' compilation. I was of the opinion that that song was the second best song on that compilation, next to the Fireside song. 'Orleans Parish' was really the first exposure to the elements that make them up. And I'm impressed with this album. All the songs have their own personality, a good mix of fast strums and drum driven slower songs. I liked the quieter ones like "Cup and String". In the same breath I'll say I liked the more fun-sounding songs like "So Long", which is my favorite off this album. Most of the lyrics are sad ending-relationship (like Aden) but there's something in the singers voice is comforting making it less sad than it really is. One comment: it seemed to me that this could have been a shoegaze venture if they had used more guitar pedals. I think it's because of the My Bloody Valentine-esque drumming. Peek-A-Boo Records.

The Silverscene
The Pendulum Demos CD

A dreamy mix of indie pop and shoegaze. This album isn't exactly new (it was recorded two years ago) but I liked it enough to say it's pretty cool and I don't think they have any more records out since then. Girl vocals, My Bloody Valentine influenced guitars and sounds and trippyhippy drumming. It was recorded by Archie Moore (Heartworms/Velocity Girl). Silverscene Webpage. P-Noise Records.

The Skywriters
s/t CD

I like this Skywriters CD. Sweet sugary swoonful boy/girl indiepop in the vein of Heavenly and Mondo Crescendo. Girl vocals over strummy guitar. The drummer has the beats to bop my shaggy head around. It's a light listen, not to complex. These guys and gals would fit in with the "Kindercore" camp. Brentwood Estates.

The Brighter Shore CD

"Sure enough we've all been hurt, didn't you ever learn to look on the bright side?"
Sleepyhead (from NYC) is one of those rare indie rock bands that keep putting out decent material year after year. Their 1994 album 'Starduster' is one of those albums I would consider essential for indie rock music listeners. Enter 1999: they still write the sweetest, rockin' tunes around. Their new album called 'The Brighter Shore' is nothing short of fantastic. Every song has that Sleephead sound, sweet boy and girl vocals, those recognizable guitar riffs.... they are awesome! They expand on their sound on some of the songs-they get a little dreamy like Jesus and Mary Chain. Speaking of Marys..... Mary Timony (Helium, The Spells) even lends vocals to one song. Do yourself a favor and get into the world according to Sleephead. Sealed Fate Records.

split 7"

All right, I didn't get into the Stereolab song at all. It's a jazzy remix piece that got a little annoying to me. However, the band on the flip side is worth raving about. I don't know who Soi-Disant are but this song makes my day. It's like the grooviest Fuxa song without a heavy stoner influence. The keyboards/organs flow and waver over a happy bass line and a trippy drum set. I want more records from this band!

The Spells
The Age of Backwards CDEP

I got pretty excited when I heard there was a collaboration between two of my favorite band people: Mary Timony and Carrie Brownstein (???). Both Helium and Excuse 17 are two of my all time favorites. This four song EP didn't quite hit me the right away. I didn't end up enjoying it like I thought I would. I think it would be fair to say there's a more Mary Timony influence on the songs - they all sound like early demos for The Magic City. It's rough sounding and the guitars sound jagged. The Who cover is pretty cool. K Records.

The Spinanes
Sub Pop 7"

A quirky newly released (it was recorded during the Arches and Aisles session last year) single with two Rolling Stones covers. Rebecca and company boogy out to "All Sold Out" and swoon to the slightly changed title "(S)he Smiled Sweetly". Sub Pop Records.

The Stereo
Three Hundred CD

This is crazy crazy radio friendly rock music. It's wicked fun and makes me want to run up and down my street. It may not be too original, borrowing every hook, crane and guitar solo from Weezer but it's still fun as heck. This is rock 'n roll, my friends.... the cheesy kind. The best kind. Piano songs, too! Fueled By Ramen.

Sterling Silver

I bet Sterling Silver makes some enjoyable music and I wished this 7" could have shown this. They have good songs on this 7" but the delivery is a little lacking. The girl singer, Susanna, is ace. She starts out on "One In Twelve" with Jen Wood-esque vocals with acoustic guitar eventually building to a crescendo of chugging electric guitars. For the next two songs a guy takes over lead vocals but he doesn't seem to be very comfortable or confident singing. I was wishing Susanna sang them. I'd venture Sterling Silver come across much better live. If the production didn't seem so sterile this would be something to rave about. The oversized packaging, a printed multi-paged booklet with photographs and lyrics, is a stunning bonus. If you are into bands like Jejune, Pohgoh and Jen Wood you may want to be on the lookout for this. Slowdance Records.

The Down That Shiny Wave EP

How did Chris and Steve from Sukpatch get to be so smooth? I don't have an answer but the boys have gone from the Slabco label to Grand Royale with a five song EP full of their trademark electronic pop sounds and collages that inspired such electric bands like Kitty Craft. They lay down the electronic drums, overlay keyboards, samples and sound over sleepy (and sexy) boy vocals. Their slower compositions are just awesome. Grand Royale. PO Box 26689. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Tagging Satellites
Shooting Down The Airwaves CD

The inside cover is a picture of the band. A super skinny blonde (Zera Marvel) in a skimpy tank top with striped knee-high stockings with a bottle of liquor in her mouth standing on a decorated travel case as two futuristic looking (yet smart) 'punks' (Graig Markel, Jeff Hazel) kneeling down, also with bottles. All with visible tattoos. They all look so intimidating. The music is creepy and dark. Do you remember that PJ Harvey song that went "big fish little fish swimming in the water...."??? The album is just like that. A bit experimental in parts, futuristic gothpop in other parts. The album goes from samples and synthesizers to bass driven songs and guitar outbursts. I tended to like the songs Zera sang on because her voice is really spooky yet beautiful. Mag Wheel Records.

Suspende Animation CD

I first heard Timonium on this comp tape I got a year or so ago. I thought their song wa beautiful. They didn't have anything else out at the time that I could get. A friend had a tape of several songs (from 1996) that were unreleased and made a copy for me. I must have worn the tape out. I played it all the time; at night when I wanted something quiet. A split 12" with The Cannanes came out in Black Bean and Placenta early this year but it wasn't like the songs on this beautiful tape. When Suspende Animation arrived I was pleased to find out that this release was, in fact, the tape. I was ecstatic to say the least. I could finally hear "Neu England" in its entirety.
Suspende Animation is only four songs. But don't let the number fool you. The songs clock in from eight to nine minutes a piece. This is guitar based slow-core at it's finest. "Neu England" is such a gorgeous song. It cascades from quietness to billows of noise and back again. Pehr Label.

Deadlock CD

I wasn't really expecting to hear something like this on the Double Agent record label. It's full-on guitar rock British style complete with alternative rock lyrics that sound like it would fit on a AOR radio station alongside bands like Local H or Collective Soul, not at all "indiepop" like label mates Rose Melberg or Class. It has a Verbena/Push Kings feel to it mixed in with a little Veruca Salt. Go figure. Double Agent Records.

V/A - The Sidewalk Chalk Adventure 7"
What a good example of what a good pop compilation should be. I was drawn in by the "big" names: Busy Toby and Six Cents and Natalie but I was won over by the "unknowns." The first band is Going Stag. Their song is like early Bunnygrunt and Blast Off Country Stye with good "i hate your new girlfriend" lyrics. Six Cents and Natalie (aka Sean Tollefson) contribute one of his casio-love tunes "You Could Be the One." Don't Tullycraft do this live? Wolfie side project Busy Toby have a song and I wasn't impressed with it. The recording sounded a bit bland. Their single on Parasol was much better. Radio 4 close out the compilation with bouncy pop goodness. Kittridge Records.

V/A - Songs From An Attic
A Keyhole Records Compilation CD

The idea is simple. Three bands do three songs. My basic math skills tells me that's a whopping nine songs! The first band is called Migala, a six member band from Spain. They have a nice slow dreamy pop sound and a deep voiced singer, like Nick Drake or Stephen Merritt. Very pretty. Greg Weeks comes along second with three nice acoustic songs, finger-picked style. The words were a bit sad, making the experience a little more intimate. The last band is Tinsel. It started out in the same style until the singer comes in singing about "pissing in your sink" and "mouths that have no teeth." I didn't quite get it. I liked the guitar and background sounds but the words were odd. Migala wins this three way battle. Keyhole Records.

Living Together CD

I could have sworn when I played Vermont for the first time I could have sworn friends with acoustic guitars had snuck into my apartment and began playing for me. 'Living Together' is an intimate record brought to us from Davey Von Bohlen and Dan Didier from The Promise Ring and Chris Rosenau from Pele. Vermont is a far cry from either of their "main" projects. The music is quiet using acoustic and light electric guitar, melodica, glokenspeil and occasional subdued trap set. Davey's lyrics are at the forefront. They have all the bitter sweetness and geographical prose we have to come to expect from Davey, but these don't come off as being as abstract as the typical Promise Ring lyric. He's being a little more up front and it's a nice treat. My favorites are "Old Blue", "Tiny White Crosses" and "These Dudes, They Got A Band". Kindercore Records.

Victory At Sea
The Dark Is Just the Night CD

Very sparse female fronted rock along the lines of old-school indie bands Scrawl and Ruby Falls. Excellent drums and the bass is buzzy mean. "Seasonal Plans" and "Old Plans" are my favorites. Boston bands rule. Slowdime Records.

A Sound Stream Broadcast CDEP

Take two parts shoegaze, one part IPR and one part British dreampop and you will get a good idea where Whirlaway are coming from. They really come from Miami, FL but after listening to this you may think the are from outer space. Songs drift with intro-ing keyboards and then rock out with their shimmery guitars, as blissfully as they can. The songs are up to seven and eight minutes. They are a lot like Half String. Spy-Fi Records.

Complaints From the Beauty Class CD

I have no complaints about Winterbrief because this record is quite awesome. It's punk, britpop and indiepop all rolled into one tight package. It's sharp. It's hip. It's sexy. It's infectious. It's fun. Winterbrief is Julian and Jan, originally from Washington DC, recently located to Philadelphia. Jans vocals are punchy - a lot like Alison from Discount - and hit the mark. You have to hear this song "I Want To Be Sexy". I find myself singing it at odd times of the day. "Repressant" is also a kickin' song. Winterbrief Webpage. Hub City Records.

You're Lucky I'm Skinny/Ginger Ale Yawn 7"

You're lucky I'm skinny? Have you seen Wolfie? I mean the whole band. Believe me, they're all skinny! And cute to boot. But I digress.... let's talk about the first songs since their album that came out about a year ago and touring. The A-side is a Mike song for sure.... it has a retro 50's pop sound to it and I love the title "You're Luck I'm Skinny" cause, hey, I'm skinny too! The song rocks regardless of weight! "Ginger Ale Yawn" freaked me out at first. It starts out like a song from the musical 'Little Shop of Horrors' (or maybe a fast paced Billy Joel song) and changes into the 'Wolfie strum.' Amanda singing on this part is really good and different from every song she sings on. It's sound confident. Good single but if you're like me you want the full length to come out as soon as possible. Wolfie Live Review. Parasol Records.

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