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hot hands
Liberty Fest 2012.
Hot Hands, Moon Women.
@ The Level Room.

((( Hot Hands 2012 East Coast Tour Diary )))
Philadelphia, PA. Saturday April 7, 2012.
Photos by Jeffrey and Kristin Howard.

Saturday April 7 -- Philadelphia, PA.

Jukebox at Waffle House in Harrisonburg, where we went to Macrock the night before.

pylon last show
The record store downtown had this poster framed on the wall. NEAT!


An Easter display at one of the thrift stores we went to in Harrisonburg.

dog training
I passed on this cassette but if I had a dog..... love that jumpsuit with walkman.


Our next show was in Philadelphia. It was a crazy drive.

The bridges over the water were really narrow and scary. Here's Jeffrey driving scared to death.

There was this weird building with huge electronic scrolling writing going around the top.


We checked in at The Level Room, where were going to play. We were way early so we took a walk around the downtown area to find someplace to eat. We ended up at the Famous 4th Street Delicatessen and had one of the hugest sandwiches we've ever eaten. We had hot roast beef ($15) and believe me it was delicious as it was massive. We also had this coleslaw that is truly out of this world. Maybe the best coleslaw I've ever eaten. We were stuffed! This place has been around since 1923. I'm so glad we stumbled across it.

Liberty Festival

We were added last minute to Liberty Fest organized by local booking collective Phonographic Arts. We had to switch around dates (We even had a "Critics Pick" for a show we couldn't play in the Philadelphia Weekly) and ended up playing earlier in the week than planned. The festival was three days of all things space rock, psychedelic and hard edge. And us, whatever genre you lump us in. Bardo Pond was playing the next night which we were going to have to miss.

I'll never forget when we went to the early downstairs day show. It was all super heavy duty heavy/hardcore bands. EVERYONE was dressed in black from head to toe. Kristin and I both had on full color - reds and yellows. We stuck out like a sore thumb right off the bat.

Upstairs had a lot of bands playing from all over the country. The band pictured above (I never caught their name) was pretty intense- almost an aggressive grunge band. The drummer was insane!

We played a late show in the downstairs room of The Level Room at the same time as the upstairs show. There was only one other band on the bill including us; a space rock band called Moon Women. We played first to a really small crowd. I was happy to try out the guitar amp I had bought earlier in the morning in Harrisonburg. Moon Women were great. They have a great bassist and drummer. We got their 7".

Moon Women
Moon Women.

Moon Women
Moon Women.

Moon Women
Moon Women. This guys rules.

We didn't have a place to stay so we loaded up and got outta Philadelphia as soon as possible. We drove south towards Baltimore, stopping at the first rest area to sleep in the van again for the second night in a row. Baltimore should be awesome, though. It will be Easter Sunday and Nobunny his having his birthday party. That story to come next!


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