hot handsKick Bright Zine presents:
Hot Hands 2012 East Coast Tour Diary.

Photos and comments from our East Coast Tour in April 2012.
By Jeffrey and Kristin.

Thursday April 5-- Valdosta and Atlanta, GA. Show at The Star Bar!

We got up pretty early and headed out of St. Augustine to get to Atlanta for our show at The Star Bar. I figured it take a while since we seem to stop a lot while driving. I think my Spidey sense goes off every time we near a city with a thrift store. So we got sucked into Valdosta, Georgia - a small college town we've been playing since 2006. We didn't have a show in town this tour (I wish!) but we know there's a few good thrift stores not to far from the Interstate that we've gotten some pretty good scores at. So we stopped. First we went to Hope 2 Donation Center. Last time I got a handful of off brand Atari games and some vintage shirts.

A view of our Dashboard Buddies.

hope thrift
Here's the Hope 2 Donation Center in historic downtown Valdosta.


We arrive at the first thrift store! I know it looks like we're trying to pose all cool and moody like. In reality, it was really bright and neither of us had our sunglasses handy.

Yes, please!


I'm holding a photo album filled with photographs. I hate when stores take out photos just to sell the album. The photos are the most valuable part!

Kristin walks through the valley of the shoes.


Lots of cool magazines, but only for looking purposes. Kristin passed on a Highlights magazine from her birth month and year.


Make an offer? Afterwards, we went to a Salvation Army on the same street. I can't remember what I got!!!???


After having fun at the thrift store we had to stop by Home Depot for supplies. There was this sign for the hot dog man selling Flordia Gator Dogs. Flordia? Is that Spanish?

Kristin rarely drives the van but she's taking over some shifts so I can rest.

Eventually we made it to Atlanta. We were a little early so we went over to the Mondello Mansion, one of the modern marvels of the Southeast. Artie Mondello and his wife own the coolest house ever- some may even call it a museum of all-things-awesome. I'll have a few pictures in the next update.

Atlanta poster
This was one of the poster designs for the show. Matt from Ghost Bikini made this.

After catching up we headed down to The Star Bar for our first show ever in Atlanta. As many bands Kristin and I have been in we've NEVER managed to get a show there. Our friends in Ghost Bikini totally hooked us up. They came down to Orlando last January for a couple of shows.

Hot Hands with Sarah

Here's our friend Sarah with us in "The Elvis Room" at Star Bar. In a vault is bank vault sized shrine dedicated to Elvis memorabilia. It's huge!!!!! Photo by Artie Mondello!


Our show was with three other Atlanta bands: Ghost Bikini, Them Thangs and The Husseins. We ended up playing first for a few early comers. Our friend Derek from DLP was there so that was cool. Also later in the night our friends in the band Eureka California from Athens GA, who we would be playing with at the last stop on our tour, came over after going to see Andrew WK.

Them Thangs

Them Thangs sounded a lot like Jacuzzi Boys. Here, the drummer sings through a telephone microphone like Japanther and Mika Miko.

Them Thangs
Them Thangs.

Them Thangs
Them Thangs.

Ghost Bikini

Ghost Bikini were really fun. Singer/harmonica player Anela totally ruled and it wasn't because of the tossed cookies (as pictured on her keyboard). Phillip, the drummer, is fun to watch. Look at him bash away!

Ghost Bikini

Joey from Ghost Bikini.

Ghost Bikini

Anela and Matt from Ghost Bikini. Hooray for fuzzy guitars!

The last band was The Husseins. I was busy chasing this guy down that knocked Kristin to the ground so I missed most of their set. It is required to have a great night end in violence. It's the Orlando way of reminding us where we're from.

Next we head to Virginia for Macrock.


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