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The Band T-Shirt Blog.
The essential accessory for looking cool in the world around you. Besides glasses.

December 28, 2011


Discount T-Shirt

This was the limited edition shirt only available at the last two final breakup shows for Discount in 2000. I went to both shows (one in Vero Beach and Gainesville). I'm sure other people have theirs framed but I still wear mine.

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December 20, 2011

Bee Gees

Bee Gees T-Shirt

I got this shirt in the early days of Ebay. I don't get to wear it as often as I would like. It's made of a sweater material that is pretty warm so only in the winter months it can exit the back of the closet. I have more than ten Bee Gees records.

Posted by Jeffrey at 10:45 am 4 commentssocial plug in

Labels before disco they were pretty great, heck i like the disco also

November 15, 2011

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction T-Shirt

I've had this one a really long time. I bet it's either my first or second band shirt. I'm going to venture it was my first. It's been so worn so much that it's become almost transparent. I think they make shirts this thin now on purpose so I can still wear it without looking like a bum. I bought it from a record store called Murmur in College Park near where I went to high school. It's not there anymore but the shirt is. Jane's Addiction, of course, is famous for having the best bassist in alternative rock. Eric Avery rules and there cannot be a second place.

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Labels after nothing's shocking and before ritual de lo habitual


November 14, 2011


Fantasie T-Shirt

Ugh. Terrible picture. I should have taken another. Toooo late. This shirt is from a glam rock band called Fantasie. I think they existed under that name from 2002 to about 2005 and they pretty much ruled the Orlando rock and roll scene. Their shows were known for complete debauchery and performances would literally end when the members would pass out on stage. Antics aside the music was amazing. If you think there's nothing to add to what The New York Doll, T Rex or Bowie were doing in the 1970's you'd be wrong. This Fantasie stuff was great. I wish I could point you to a reference webpage but none exists. They deleted all their pages. There was a four song demo that included "Cocksucker '72" and "Scorpio Jaguar" but never an official release. I've seen boxes of reels to reel tapes of recordings that may never see the light of day. Maybe one day.......

They did reform briefly in 2010 under the name Magick Finger minus Jen (the gal pictured on the shirt) playing a few old songs alongside new hits.

I have these photographs from a later "transitional" period before they became Fantasik Organ.

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November 11, 2011

Gemini Cricket

Gemini Cricket T-Shirt

Wow. It's been a while since my last entry. Even though I've worn a bunch of shirts since. Egaks! This one is of Athens, Georgia pop band Gemini Cricket. I got this shirt in Jacksonville in 2009 on the last night of our (Hot Hands) first tour with these guy and gals. I love them so much. I wear this all time even though no one in Orlando knows who they are. They never even came here but I'm proud to say I've seen them quite a few times in places all over. I think they are inactive at the moment since Blake and Sara had a baby. If you've never heard them before WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????! Just kidding, of course. Listen to them on Myspace (only if Myspace still works). They are worth the effort. Or you can watch a billion live videos (some filmed by me) on their Facebook wall. The first video on that page is hilarious and makes me laugh.

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Labels athens georgia cutie pie reverb pop band gemini cricket blake sara and marie are the best annoying married couple band hahahahahahahahaha


August 28, 2011

das wanderlust

Das Wanderlust T-Shirt part 2

So, I posted a couple of days ago about my Das Wanderlust shirt and mentioned Kristin had one also. I just found this photo of her shirt and I had forgotten she tailored hers into a ringer, instead of a regular t-shirt. Even though the picture isn't me I wanted to share this because the end result is pretty cool.

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August 24, 2011

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton T-Shirt

I love Dolly for too many reasons to list. This is one of many.

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This is a single topic blog of me wearing band t-shirts I have aquired over the years. Whenever I wear a band shirt I'll take a picture and share a comment or two about it. Needless to say, I have quite a lot of shirts so this project may be here a while. Send me a shirt?



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