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Photo: Still from the teevee show Secretos, the Latin version of Cheaters.



Photo: Blast and the Detergents at Uncle Lou's, Orlando.

Blast and the Detergents

Blast and the Detergents, noisepunk from St. Petersburg. November 2012.


Photo: Audacity at Wills Pub, Orlando.


Audacity at Wills Pub Orlando. November 2012. I love these guys from California. They are on Burger Records. Visit their webpage.


Show Report: Guided By Voices, Detective at the Beacham Theater.

Guided By Voices

Kristin writes a review of Guided By Voices. Click here for the review.




Hot Hands 2012 upcoming shows:

Thursday September 27 @ New World Brewery. Tampa, FL. 9pm. With Agent Ribbons, Die Alps. Event Page.

Saturday October 13 @ Peacock Room. Orlando, FL. 9pm. With Absolutely Not, Sloppy Kisses. Event Page.

october 2012


Kick Bright Zine sponsored event Tuesday September 11 @ Wills Pub.

This Tuesday is our attempt to bring cool out of state bands to Orlando. We are bringing back Athens, GA garage pop band Eureka California. Their new album "Big Cats Can Swim" is out on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, which has put out some great pop albums recently (Orca Team, Oh Ok reissue, Cars Can Be Blue, Tunabunny). Also playing is Flashlights, The Areolas and Hot Hands. Please come out!

RSVP this show on the Facebook Event page.


Kick Bright Zine weekend in the Bay Area August 24-25.

This weekend Kristin and I are going to be in the Bay area doing some cool things.

On Friday we'll be at Local 662 in downtown St Petersburg for 'Tie Dye and Toilet Paper'. It's going to be a bunch of bands and we are DJ-ing playing our favorite punk rock, garage, power pop and new wave tunes. We're pretty excited and have been picking out records to play. See the event page for more details.

Then on Saturday drive across the bridge to Tampa and play a show with our friends Wet Nurse. It's their record release weekend party (Friday in Orlando at Peacock Room) and the Tampa party is at The Hub in Ybor. Also playing is Jensen Surf Company. See the event page for more details. Also read this review and interview with Wet Nurse in Creative Loafing Tampa.


Hot Hands Tour Diary: We finally make it to NYC (and we eat at cool diners).

edgewood thrift

We finally make it to NYC on our tour. We played two shows this week. The first would be at a place called Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn. Read all about it here.


Show report: Room Full of Strangers, Dark Sixties, Sloppy Kisses

sloppy Kisses
Sloppy Kisses.

See more photos from this show here.


Show report: Hot Hands, Pillowfight, MKnAlice, Thee Holy Ghosts.

This was a fun show we played at Wiggly World. Two Gainesville bands, Thee Holy Ghosts and MKnAlice. They were both pretty good. I think this was the first Pillowfight show I've seen with their new drummer. We (Hot Hands) were pretty trashed by the time we played and I played without my pedalboard (Wiggly World is so small). I only used my delay pedal so who knows if we were any good. Haha.


See more photographs here.


Show report: Nobunny Birthday Bash with: Hunx and His Punx, Natural Child, Hollywood.


See photos and video from this show here.


Show report: Man or Astroman?, The Ultras S/C.

Man or Astroman
Man or Astroman ready for jumpsuit action.

See all the photographs here.


Show report: The Jellyfish Brothers, Kid Taco and the Macho Tacos, Blackout Anima, C Palms, The Know Nothings, SSLOTS.

Jellyfish Brothers


Not to miss shows this week in Orlando:

Wed 7/18 Eternal Summers, Crocodiles @ The Social.
Thu 7/19 Man or Astroman?, The Ultras S/C (ex-Be Your Own Pet) @ The Social. The last time I saw MoA they were cloned and started fires on stage.
Fri 7/20 Hot Hands, Pillowfight, Thee Holy Ghosts, MKnAlice @ Wiggly World.
Sat 7/21 3rd Not-So-Annual ROCK FIGHT @ Wills Pub.

Read about Rock Fight at The Orlando Weekly's show list.
Or see my photos from the second one.
It's going to be one of the most anticipated "shows" of the year.

The judges this year are Will Walker (Wills Pub), Jeffrey Howard (Kick Bright Zine, former participant), Uncle Lou (Uncle Lou's), and Robby Collins (Winner of first Rock Fight). Band members from the first Rock Fight were naked and rushed to the hospital covered in blood. Back Booth got totally trashed during the second. What will happen this year?????


Jeffrey on the Couch

I bet you are wondering what I am looking at on my computer that could cause such a reaction. Well, now you can know and be amazed........ did I say amazed?


Show report: Best Coast, Those Darlins.

Best Coast
Best Coast.

See more photographs here.

Feature: Photos from Bring Your Own Vinyl Night at Spacebar.

Bring Your Own Vinyl is an event that happens Saturday nights at Spacebar, a newish bar in the so called Milk District along Robinson Avenue. The rules are you bring five records, sign up (it's best to show up early to get freedom of when you will spin) and play your records in turn. If you don't get air-horned you get a free beer.

You end up with all kinds of tastes in one night. I've been to two nights so far and it's been fun each time. These are photos from my second time. There were a lot of people that showed up.

The five songs I played were 1) Soi Disant "Glitterati (cruise(r))" 2) The Kiss Offs "All Dressed Up" 3) The Coathangers "Shake Shake" 4) Helium "Superball" 5) Tommy Shaw "Girls With Guns".


See more photographs here.


Show report: Shroud Eater, Lozen, Portals.

I ended up almost randomly at this metal show. If it weren't for finding out that morning that the bassist for The Jellyfish Brothers was in one of the bands coming from Miami I wouldn't have even gone.

First band Portals are a three piece metal band from Orlando. I am out of my place really talking about metal or hardcore. When I hear gruff shouting vocals I kinda turn off. It was definitely a relentless whirlwind of a set.

From Miami came another three member band called Shroud Eater, which is a pretty ghastly band name if you ask me. It has Janet Valentine playing bass. She also plays in The Jellyfish Brothers whom I've played several shows with in Miami and here in Orlando (In fact they are returning in a week or two). Judging from the massive amplifier setup for both the guitarist and bassist I could tell they were going to be super loud. And they were. I don't know if wearing earplugs did anything to stop their massive mayhem of sonics- I think my ears were still ringing. Got dang!

Lozen are a bass guitar and drums duo from Washington state. These two gals were pretty great. Drummer, Justine Valdez, is pretty incredible playing all over the place. Matched with Hozoji Matheson-Margullis bass skills (headed towards the terror side of things) are a good match. They both sang- not in gruff voices- which made a unique clash over their harsh music. Read this article about them.


Shroud Eater
Shroud Eater.

More photographs from this show are here.


Hot Hands Tour Diary: Driving through Delaware and Maryland stopping at every Flea Market and the National Pinball Museum.

We had just played a show in Philadelphia the night before and drove out of town right after the show, even though we were the last people to leave. We ended up sleeping at the first rest area in Delaware. I couldn't help but notice this "welcome center" was unnecessarily huge. We didn't have a show to play later so it was a day off of sorts. We were heading towards Baltimore to see Nobunny, Hunx and his Punk and Natural Child at a venue called The Wind-Up Space. We had all day to get there so we meandered through Delaware and Maryland and made lots of stops along the way. We don't take highways because interstate driving is BORING. We take smaller roads through small towns because you are always bound to make a wrong turn and find something totally awesome- which was going to happen to us today. I think we took State Road 40 (aka Pulaski Highway) for most of the day.

Computer Alignment
Kristin and The Man along side the road.

National Pinball Museum
Jeffrey at the National Pinball Museum in Baltimore.

TONS of photos are here.


Show report: The Woolly Bushmen, Sterling Schroeder and the Chosen Ones, Bootleg Series, The Heel Spurs.

Woolly Bushmen

It's pretty neat the Orlando music scene is hitting some really good marks. Just from seeing the turnouts from last nights show at Paradise and tonights show at Peacock Room you'd think this town is really turning into the biggest musical hub in the Southeast. Peacock Room was packed. The parking lot outside was full of people who either couldn't get in or were just hanging out because it was thee place to be hanging out.

The Woolly Bushmen were hosting their CD release party. Thank goodness for bands that still release music on any physical format. The boys join other locals Girls on the Beach and Golden Pelicans, who all have released music in the past month. It's another good sign.

Opening was new band The Heel Spurs, a co-ed throwback western duo with heavy rockabilly overtones. Their simple formula makes for great fun with songs about whisky drinking and hot dogs. They also had aid from a hula hoopin' burlesque girl while they played.

Sterling Schroeder and the Chosen Ones may be channeling Neil Young's anti-folk style in a major way adding a whole lot of personality with slice of life stories. The full band gets pretty rocking.

Bootleg Series is a brand new band from 3/4th of the Goodrich & The Die Tryin's. It's a little hard to pin them down. There's a lot of influences going on all at once. It's not really country, or pop, or rock and roll- but it is. Dare I say indie pop? Interesting in how they develop.

Of course The Woolly Bushmen killed it. I've written about them countless times now. They're still the best band in Orlando, of any genre. I bought their new CD and going to be listening to it later- ask me in a month if it ever left the CD player.

Hula Hoop Girl

See more photos from this show here.


Upcoming Event: Wednesday June 27th.

Hot Hands, The Loropetalum, Was Legit.

@ Back Booth. Orlando FL. Doors at 8pm. FREE SHOW. Show will be over by midnight (because, you know, it's dance night).

Event Page.


Show Report: Wet Nurse, The Areolas, Jabby.

The Areolas
The Areolas.

Wet Nurse
Wet Nurse.

This was the first time I went to a show at Paradise, a local gay bar on Mills Avenue across the street from Peacock Room. They've only begun recently hosting small shows and having $1 drink specials. Although it was a rainy Sunday night- the party was in full effect. It was raining heavy all day and night. Another outdoor afternoon show I was planning on going to was cancelled. Florida summers can be non-stop rain like that.

Orlando punk rockers The Areolas started the night off with a number of super fast pop punk pop songs. This was the first time I saw them playing their own material. A month or so they did an entire set of The Donnas songs which was pretty fun.

Then new band Jabby came down from Philadelphia. One of the gals from Cat Vet, who I saw last year at Uncle Lou's, is in this band. The trio is a bit green, but not without minimal pop charm. The fine line between being cute or embarrassing were definitely being drawn.

Wet Nurse closed out the night in drunken fury. They have a lot of new songs that are pretty awesome. I can't wait for the album this summer to come out. They ended with a Le Tiger cover of "Deception", a song one of my old bands used to cover (the video disappeared from You tube).

See more photographs here.


Show Report/Hot Hands Tour Diary: Liberty Fest 2012 in Philadelphia with Hot Hands, Moon Women.

We were added last minute to Liberty Fest organized by local booking collective Phonographic Arts. We had to switch around dates (We even had a "Critics Pick" for a show we couldn't play in the Philadelphia Weekly) and ended up playing earlier in the week than planned. The festival was three days of all things space rock, psychedelic and hard edge. And us, whatever genre you lump us in. Bardo Pond was playing the next night which we were going to have to miss.

I'll never forget when we went to the early downstairs day show. It was all super heavy duty heavy/hardcore bands. EVERYONE was dressed in black from head to toe. Kristin and I both had on full color - reds and yellows. We stuck out like a sore thumb right off the bat.

Upstairs had a lot of bands playing from all over the country. The band pictured above (I never caught their name) was pretty intense- almost an aggressive grunge band. The drummer was insane!

We played a late show in the downstairs room of The Level Room at the same time as the upstairs show. There was only one other band on the bill including us; a space rock band called Moon Women. We played first to a really small crowd. I was happy to try out the guitar amp I had bought earlier in the morning in Harrisonburg. Moon Women were great. They have a great bassist and drummer. We got their 7".

Moon Women
Moon Women.

Lots more photos of us driving and Waffle House jukeboxes right here.


Feature: Ruiz-Dodd Wedding Photos

I took some wedding lomo photographs at Al Ruiz and Mary Dodds ceremony. Check them out.

wedding lomo


Flashback 2008: Cheap Time, Slippery Slopes, Hot Hands

Wills Pub just announced a show of Nashville rock band Cheap Time this September. Although it's three months from now I have dug up some photos and video from the last time they came to Orlando back in 2008.

Cheap Time
Cheap Time.

Slippery Slopes
Slippery Slopes.

See all the photos here.


Show Report: Jacuzzi Boys, The Holy Terrors.

This was our second night in a row going to Churchills in Miami. On Friday my band Hot Hands played a record release show for Haochi Waves. We stuck around Miami another night to see our friends Jacuzzi Boys. We've never seen them in their hometown and this was the perfect opportunity.

Jacuzzi Boys
Jacuzzi Boys.

Read more and see more photographs here.


Upcoming Event: Record Hop with The Sh-Booms and DJ Jeffrey and Kristin.

Kristin and I are DJing again playing all thing soul from the 50's to the hits of today on Saturday June 30th at Wills Pub. Well, maybe not hits but songs we know are awesome. From Joe Tex to Blowfly, maybe dabbling in early rap. We'll see. And The Sh-Booms are playing. Why are there so few soul bands in Orlando?????? NEED MORE!

record hop

Facebook Event Page.



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